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Powerhouse SMART sounds like a premium networking and education community that caters to professionals in the luxury design, build, and real estate industry. As a potential sponsor, you're being offered the opportunity to increase your brand exposure and connect with influential and forward-thinking individuals in various sectors of the luxury residential, commercial, design, and blue-chip real estate market.

Sponsoring such a community can have several potential benefits and can be customizable:

1. **Brand Exposure:** By aligning your brand with Powerhouse SMART, you'll gain visibility among a select group of professionals who are actively involved in luxury real estate and design. This exposure can enhance your brand's credibility and recognition within this specific market.

2. **Networking Opportunities:** Sponsoring events and communities like Powerhouse SMART allows you to network with industry leaders, experts, and potential clients. The exclusive nature of the community ensures that you're connecting with individuals who are relevant to your business.

3. **Thought Leadership:** Through sponsorship, you position your brand as a thought leader within the luxury real estate and design space. Sharing insights, expertise, and innovative ideas can help establish your brand as a go-to resource in the industry.

4. **Access to Innovation:** The community likely consists of forward-thinking professionals who are at the forefront of trends and developments in the luxury real estate and design sectors. Sponsoring Powerhouse SMART provides you with a unique opportunity to stay informed about emerging technologies, design concepts, and market trends.

5. **Business Growth:** Engaging with a community like Powerhouse SMART can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities. Sponsoring events or educational initiatives within the community can attract individuals who are seeking the services or products you offer.

6. **Exclusive Insights:** Being part of the Powerhouse SMART community could give you access to exclusive insights, case studies, and data related to the luxury design, build, and real estate industry. This information can be invaluable for shaping your business strategies.

7. **Recruitment Opportunities:** If your company is looking to hire professionals within the luxury real estate and design sectors, sponsoring such a community could provide you with a platform to connect with potential candidates who are passionate about the industry.

Before becoming a sponsor, it's important to thoroughly understand the terms of sponsorship, including the investment required, the specific benefits you'll receive, and the level of engagement expected from your company. Additionally, assess whether the target audience aligns with your brand and business goals. If the fit is right, sponsoring Powerhouse SMART could be a strategic move to elevate your brand's presence within the luxury design, build, and real estate industry.

*Only for PHS Members with firms with 3 employees or less.

Past Sponsors

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Get Your Sponsorship Package Today!
Sponsor partnership starts upon confirmation date as early as today through to June 30, 2024. Sponsor’s may choose a One City, Two Cities or National- All Cities program. We hope you take advantage of marketing exposure now, prior and after conferences, limited opportunities, apply within.
We look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis, Chicago and Naples/SWFL. Each conference features new local speakers and national speakers.
Each city event will still be exclusively boutique, allowing for unparcelled relationship building the PowerHouse Way. With the expansion attendees will meet and learn from new esteemed local speakers as well as national speakers, and experience luxury trends and technologies across the world.
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