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PowerHouse Companies

PowerHouse Companies are made up of three firms – PowerHouse Recruiting, PowerHouse SMART® and  PowerHouse Luxury Conferences.

The impactful combination of our verticals gives us the power and competitive advantage in helping others grow.

Welcome to PowerHouse Recruiting. Through recruiting and consulting we are building teams for employers, saving them time and money, while helping talented candidates find their perfect fit career home. Combined we empower human spirits for personal and professional development and growth.

Welcome to PowerHouse SMART®. Through our relationship-building community, we bring like-minded leaders together to connect, learn, and grow. Our events are sponsored marketing opportunities, connecting the "best of the best" industry leaders who come together to grow together with social integrity.

Welcome to PowerHouse Luxury Conferences. Our premier industry conferences and retreats are flagship events held in selected cities across the world. These events transcend the boundaries of traditional networking, providing a unique platform that brings leaders together to inspire, educate, and collaborate, all while celebrating the world of luxury.

Who are the PowerHouse Companies?

Our dedication is deeply rooted in over 30 years of experience in luxury design, building, and development in residential and commercial real estate. We established the firms under the PowerHouse umbrella with a passion for helping others grow. We blend the pillars of leadership engagement, relationship building, and thoughtful career placement through PowerHouse Recruiting, PowerHouse SMART®, and PowerHouse Luxury Conferences. This powerful combination allows us to anticipate industry changes and unveil emerging opportunities, sharing these insights with our connections.


Our core value is helping others grow.

Our values were forged through hard work that transformed into achievements. It has always been, and will continue to be, our goal and honor to elevate others for their personal and professional growth. Witnessing someone’s success brings us joy, and being a small part of their journey is our privilege. We love the success stories; each one allows us to celebrate with a happy dance!

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