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Luxury Mansion Interior
Powerhouse Recruiting Employer
Michelle's Interiors


We make recruiting simple.  we protect your time, share our expertise, and build your team with the best possible candidates. Subsequently, our legacy provides an exclusive industry network that can accomplish any candidate's job search. We pair our custom recruiting process to each client employer, therefore managing candidates as if we were recruiting employees for our own business.

As expert recruiters, we have cultivated exceptional relationships with the finest candidates and the best firms in markets across the nation. Specifically, we serve firms in Architecture, Design, Construction, Development, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Kitchen & Bath, Technology Integrators, FF&E, Furnishings, Art, Outdoor Living, Finishes, Fixtures, Building Supplies, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Consulting, and Industry Associations.

At PowerHouse Recruiting our entire lives are dedicated to being experts in our industry. Consequently, we teach luxury, stay on the cutting-edge, and build new relationships every day. Most importantly we are proud to serve the best people in our industry. As a result, our efforts have allowed us to attract the best candidates. Who similarly know of our reputation and believe in our commitment to helping them in their career growth.

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